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The Bristol Suspensions are returning to The Fringe for a fifth consecutive year!

Jury take your seats, the 5th Annual Suspensions’ Court is now in session! After a whole year of accumulating drama,  these feisty students have a chance to pour out their woes, raise burning issues and confess their utmost desires. From the (relative) safety of the witness box, you will observe the most serious aca-crimes such as mic theft, choreography fraud and vocal vandalism. The fate of the Suspensions lies in your hands.


Presented in the form of an a cappella jukebox musical, Aca-rrested: Behind Bars promises to be a hybrid like no other, with an original script, music arranged by our own members and side-splitting scenarios based on real aca-vents. With a hilarious yet moving storyline to tie it all together, the Suspensions promise a triple-threat show of the highest order.

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