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And then there were 15... almost!?

Take off your shoes, kick back and relax ladies and gents; The Bristol Suspensions have officially all landed in one piece. 'The land of the free'! That, or the land of the pizza and loud traffic, which is what we've experienced thus far in Boston, MA.

I've got to reluctantly admit to the worried parents probably reading this that we can't really claim all was completely smooth sailing on the journey- ahem, adventure(!) here... Top headline being Stanford deciding to step up and teach us all exactly what not to do by leaving his passport on the coach to GattyWee (don't ask). Must admit that I wasn't present for Stan's realisation of this in the middle of the South Terminal, but I believe it's best described by Dan Mailer- "we call him a dawdler, but man that guy can move when he wants to!"

Now, it's a known fact that Stanford is loved by all but when life gives you lemons, sometimes you've got to make a unanimous decision to leave without a crucial member of your group if they can't find their passport in the next 30 minutes, and in that moment... I won't say that's what we did, but I will say that his ticket almost went to Henry Harrod (alumni of TechTonics) after we ran into him at the check in line.

After racing each other Ground vs. Travelator, wearing turtle backpacks on our front and back, and electing our new Tour Manager for this year- congratulations Benedict Harwood!! (it was him vs. RON😉)- we finally managed to find ourselves on the right plane. The journey itself consisted mostly of us chatting for 10 minutes before getting far too excited about having TV screens(?!) and so then ditching each other for our headphones instead.

However, highlights include:

  • My reaction to watching Inception for the first time

  • Stanford's reaction to my reaction to watching Inception for the first time

  • Sam's reaction to my reaction with no context after walking out of the bathroom.

  • In conclusion, Inception is lit.

Returning back to the point, we then found our way back to our AirBnB for 10 people (shhh😉), English time 2:06am, ate dinner because it was technically only 9 (not about this jetlag life), and guess what- the American Flag count is already at 32 after less than an hour out of the airport.

I can't make any predictions for the next two weeks, but as Semi-Toned say it best- Stay Tuned. 🤓

Rach x

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