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-ariums and aca-dreams come true.

Ah, our last full day in Boston. One more chance to make the most of our journey. One more chance to make our mark on the city. With the whole city at our fingertips, what activity could be so worthwhile so as to dedicate our last fleeting few hours to it?

Joe and Alice's idea? Pancakes.

Pancakes? I mean don't get me wrong, sugar for breakfast is usually right up my avenue, but like you can eat food anywhere (plus I had a feeling that cheaper pancakes could probably be found further along on the tour).

Another suggestion from the group: Aquarium.

YES, PERFECT. I LOVE AQUARIUMS AND I LOVE FISH, I'M SURE IT WILL BE SO WORTH OUR TIME AND-hang on, $27?! Sod that, I could probably see just as many exotic fish if I jumped into the city's steaming sewers. (In hindsight, I saw many snapchats of penguins and this may have in fact made it worth it. I ❤️ 🐧)

But no, there must be something worth our time?!

We were starting to think that our day would be sacrificed again to MTV's Catfish, but we got one more suggestion from Ben, the Christian Science Centre.

Despite the fact that very few of the suspensions are a Christian or even Scientists, this idea seemed to evoke excitement from the group, and the day's plans were set. Some went for food, some went to the Aquarium and the rest journeyed to the Christian Science Centre.

Having lost El to the fishies, our Christian Science expedition was without a leader. Luckily, we had the recently elected tour manager for next year Ben on hand to take the reigns and ensure that none of us took too risky decisions as to whether to jaywalk or not.


The real reason that we wanted to go to the Christian Science Centre was actually to go to the mapparium, which was a large spherical room with a globe projected on the walls. Because of the room's unique acoustics, the room is the perfect setting for a high school chick flick. Wherever you stand, a whisper from the other side of the room could be heard clear as day. Imagine mean girls but every table could hear exactly what all the other tables said about them. I'd watch that. Movie idea ©The Bristol Suspensions.

Anyway, due to the fact that someone let slip to the tour guide that we were an a cappella group, we were subtly pressured to sing, and so we did to a grand audience of the 4 other people who had the misfortune of being in the room with us at the same time.

No photos were allowed in the mapparium so we couldn't get a recording, however there was a convenient selfie station located just by the exit!


Meanwhile, those that had the funds and the desire to leave the flat later than the rest of us went to the aquarium, which is apparently meant to be the best in New England or something.

I'm told that highlights of the trip included El touching a 'shark' (I think she meant stingray), and this photo of Sam:

Maybe this is the shark El was referring to.


After our fake mapparium selfie, we checked out the actual Christian Science main Church before deciding to voyage over the river to visit MIT. For some reason we had a desire to be scholarly today.

The walk was far but the day was lovely. It was all worth it because I saw possibly the most American thing ever, this cake:

We also walked past a playground with no kids playing in it and decided this desperately needed to be rectified. Much fun was had by most in our 20 minute playground pit stop, apart from Yassie who apparently only felt terror:

We made it to MIT and pretty much just took cute selfies before heading back to get ready for the evening's events.

This photo was preceded by a debate concerning the morality of my front facing camera's beauty filter.

Northeastern University A Cappella Showcase

At around 5:30pm we headed back out to watch our new aca-baes Distilled Harmony perform a couple of songs at a showcase at their Students' Union. It was a casual affair, we were told, just a free event for any new freshmen who are around to hear what the a cappella groups get up to.

But oh no no. Whilst it may have just taken place in the foyer of their students centre, hundreds of people turned up to watch the showcase, which featured 6 a cappella groups who were all fully on mics. A humbling realisation came over us as we saw what a merely casual show means for them. For us a casual show is performing pretty much in our pyjamas to a grand audience of a few people's flatmates plus Suspensions super-fan Nick Barratt.

The showcase was closed by current ICCA champions The Nor'easters, and I won't lie to you, a little bit of wee probably came out in excitement. The standard of all 6 of the groups was incredible and honestly makes me super glad that we'll never have to compete against them in an ICCA round because good LORD they are so good. We'll just be friends instead ok thanks 🇬🇧❤️🇺🇸

After the showcase, we headed off to socialise more with Distilled Harmony, learning new ways to play Never Have I Ever and discovering what a Michigan Shot is (you just take a shot and someone slaps you in the face, honestly there's nothing more to it. It was kinda therapeutic.)

We too soon hit our curfew and waved goodbye to our new Boston-based friends, pretty much forcing them to come and visit us in Bristol because it's kind of their turn. I hope they're reading this because I would like to just increasingly pressurise them and make them feel guilty if they don't come. Love you all ❤️

Tomorrow we're on a 9 hour coach journey to Rochester! Wake up time is 5:30am, please pray for us.

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