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Boston, Bagels, Black Swan, Bsocialising.

Hot Riggity Sausage Dog! We've made it to Boston! Time for an action-packed first day...

Collapsing into unconsciousness was welcome when we finally squashed into our AirBnB, but the plague that is jet lag had the majority of the group up at 5am unable to sleep - an uncharacteristically early rise for us! We gathered together and charged into the Boston morning sun. First up:

Boston Public Market

Quickly identified by resident legends Charlie and Rachael as housing a vegan bakery, this coveted market became our morning fuel stop. 

Highlights: Pizza Bagels, stringy cheese, salivation over a churros sign, widespread confusion about tax.

Notable quotes:"I'm really into circular things with holes in at the moment. Edible." - Lottie

Our very own Benedict Piers Rowan Harwood was also neck deep in a side-quest to count every US flag we passed on our trip. The rules - no repeats, and only the contemporary design. So far the flags have outnumbered the bagels.

Next we powered over to:

Boston Freedom Trail

Led by tour guide Leleanor Eaper, this wing around Boston's sites of historical significance was an informative hoot and did wonders for Ben's flag count and Dan's ability to remind people he'd already been to Boston.

Highlights: El's tour voice, general failure to figure out who Paul Revere is, attempts to walk through fences, many Dunkin' Donuts, SQUAD PHOTOS AT BUNKER HILL, atrocious renditions of our songs throughout the year in a park. There was also an aerobics-off which I won with a velociraptor impression, and the Suspensions committee old and new had a ceremonial photographic handover, cute!

Notable quotes: "I'd just love to know my roof was made of gold!" - Yasemin Gezer

"I've done this trail before guys." - Dan Mailer [Editors note from Dan: this quote is heavily paraphrased] 

We hitched a ferry back to North End and were granted official free time by Queen Ll-eepah, which led us to a few games of two-word tango and a jaunt through:

Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall

A joyous corridor of endless appetising morsels, from chowder samples to kung pao chicken with emphasis on the POW. A 'play me I'm yours' piano station was graced by the musical tinkering of Edges love pairing and all-round bosom buddies, Yasmeleanor (the crowds were filling the street), and we were regaled with suspensions themed freestyling by the roaming busker-rapper himself, Black Swan. Swan.

Highlights: Category brainstorming, scallops wrapped in bacon (you heard me), scallops wrapped in bacon, owl pyjamas, broiled scrod, photography sessions, scallops wrapped in bacon, Matt winning the UK a Cappella category of two-word tango to Raf's horror, Jonny discovering US McDonald's portion sizes, scallops wrapped in bacon and covered in gravy, chess tables.

Notable Quotes: "George Clooney!" - James Dempsey on being asked to name a US President

"I keep talking to my money" - Yasemin Gezer

"I'd rather have genitalia in my mouth than nuts" - Joe Pickin, founder of The Bristol Suspensions

"This guy is in the Bristol Suspects!" - Black Swan (Swan)

Fully fed, fully rested, and with the new committee finally finishing their multiple-hour-long forward planning meeting, we were off to the Boston underground to hit up Boston University for the:

Chordially Yours social!

We joined all-girl aca-sensations Chordially Yours mid-rehearsal and jammed (not jellied) with them before heading to a diner across the street to enjoy some truly American portion sizes. We were warmly received, free to spread the gospel of bungalow and much appreciation of Lianne La Havas was shared! Our American accents in Cell Block were also tolerated and we were treated to a trio of hits from the girls' repertoire, a delightful chordial of songs (teehee). The Boston University showcase is on Thursday, hopefully we'll be able to attend and see all of the Boston groups perform!

Highlights: Our first encounter with an American a Cappella group, nacho mountains, cornbread, realising nobody has heard of Bristol, Mango Margaritas, Dan and El's rendition of Survivor, general confusion regarding tips, Boston University!

Notable Quotes: "Bung-bungalow bung bung bung bung-alow" - Everyone

"Wales?" - Sam of Chordially Yours, upon being asked to name a UK city

"..." Sam of The Bristol Suspensions, upon overhearing the above

That's all for our first day's adventures, see you on the trail!

Chordially Yours,

The Bristol Suspensions

The Benedict Piers Rowan Harwood Flag Count - 202

Ben with flag number 100

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